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We have been operating as Standard Hill Livestock, from my family's farm North East of Maidstone, Saskatchewan, Canada, since our first Angus calves hit the ground in 2012. Since 1970 my family had been operating a purebred Hereford herd as Standard Hill Polled Herefords. Standard Hill Angus was owned and operated by our neighbours Les & Ethel Smith since the 1980s. With our purchase of the majority of the Standard Hill Angus cows, my wife Christine and I changed our operating name and purebred cattle memberships to Standard Hill Livestock with the prefix that has always been attached to the Angus herd of Standard Hill. We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to take over from my father Tony and the Smiths. Since 2012 we have moved away from grain production, seeding more grass for hay and pasture and concentrating on the management of the purebred herds and marketing our seedstock.

I, Stephen Myer, was raised along with my older siblings, Anita and Korbin, on the family farm by Dad and my Mother, Lois Myer (Wightman from North of Marden, SK). As kids we played and worked with crops, chickens, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, and cattle. I I took fondly to the last species and became more involved with cows through 4-H and the Canadian Junior Hereford Association. Being friends with the Leachman family propelled me into a more intensive environment of bovine logic, and it also gave me some opportunities to travel and learn.

Christine and I met through the 4-H program. She grew up North West of Cut Knife, SK with her parents, Ross and Brenda Woodward, and her brother Mitchell. We were married in the fall of 2007 just a few months after they completed post secondary studies. Christine completed her Educational Assistant studies at then named SIAST in Saskatoon in 2005 before moving to Vermillion to study for a diploma Environmental Sciences at Lakeland College. I received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, with a major in Animal Sciences from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Christine worked in the office for an oil company and then for a local engineering company before we welcomed our son Jayce in 2009. We decided that she would raise our children as a full time homemaker after that and we added more work (and enjoyment) with Karli in 2012 and Landen in 2015. I had been actively involved with farming operations, helping out Dad, since high school and was back to the farm during University to help out and spend time with Christine every weekend and summer holidays. Since the spring of 2007 I have been on the farm full time, and finding my way in this complex industry. We lost Dad suddenly to natural causes in the spring of 2013. I am thankful for the time we worked together, although sometime difficult, and I know I wouldn't be living this chosen path if it wasn't for his hard work. Mother still continues to live on the farm and we are thankful she is available to help with a few jobs and to look after the kids.

We are proud to offer our stock at our annual Standard Hill Connection Sale the second Sunday in March. Our breeding goals in the recent past have largely revolved around longevity. Our Hereford herd possesses the breed standard bone and structural soundness and we have built a herd of cows with udder quality similar to Angus cows. In our Angus herd we are looking to add bone mass and structural soundness while maintaining growth and udder quality.

Stephen, Christine, Jayce, Karli, and Landen

The operation is currently family owned and operated by Stephen and Christine Myer and their children, Jayce, Karli, and Landen.


Jayce and Karli Hanging Around

Currently Standard Hill Livestock is breeding:

120 Polled Hereford Females

120 Black Angus Females

Fall 2015 Showstring

Our mission is to improve the quality of the cattle we offer through rigorous selection and management, to improve the profitability and sustainability of our customer's ventures, while raising our family and operating our enterprise with dedication and fairness.

We would appreciate a chance to show you around. Whether you've never visited us or you come through time to time, we are happy to open our doors and gates for you to view and discuss cattle and our industry.



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