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-> Standard Hill Connection Sale- February 24, 2017 at the farm (Lois' yard) 2 PM

2017 will be a video sale


- Steve`s Thoughts -

January 23, 2017

            We are near being very busy with calving (six on the ground so far) and preparations for the 2017 edition of the Standard Hill Connection Sale (Feb 24th, 2017). Winter started off with a cold chill this year but we have had a few nice weeks lately and if the forecast holds true it should stay mild for a while. Always nice to have a full set of ears on the calves!

            We are excited this year for a new set of calves. The Hereford crop will consist of Dominators, Harlans, Cannons, You Tubes, Untappeds, Maxs, and Quigleys. Quantum, Bando, Bengal, Colonist, and Trade Secret will sire the 2017 Angus progeny. We bred all naturally in 2016 to try to tighten up calving and save on time and labour. Of course plans for the 2017 breeding season are well on the way. We had purchased two Hereford yearling bulls as of last fall. CHSF Dealer 13D from Ross Bricker is off their Brian herdsire that impressed me very much when I visited at CJHA Bonanza time. TCF Stacked 609D caught my eye at Lloydminster Stockade Round-Up and I was happy to acquire him before Agribition where the Reids showed him expertly to a 1st place in his class (picture on our news page and Facebook). We will be sourcing at least one Angus bull yet this spring.
            The 2017 Edition of the Standard Hill Connection Sale is almost exactly one month away! The catalogue is now online and videos can be found by following the links on our homepage. Be sure to read my sale welcome as there are many changes to the sale this year.
            The Saskatchewan Hereford Association is in the process of launching a mentorship program to help younger agriculture enthusiast with experienced producers. The committee led by Lance Leachman hopes to foster growth of character and knowledge of the mentees by placing them with mentors with common interests. This program will hopefully be fully implemented by next January with the first round of applications to be in after Agribition 2017. Watch Hereford news links for more information.
            Many Angus producers are awaiting the word from the CAA board of directors on the progression of the proposed ACE (Angus Cow Enrollment) program. The initial model of the program places a large financial burden on every Angus cow you wish to have the ability to register calves from at the beginning of the year with no guarantee to get this value. The goals of the program do have merits however, and we will see if the board can make the program work. I expect much discussion at the upcoming meetings and encourage you to find out all the facts if you have a vested interest in registered Angus cattle.

That’s all I’ve got on my mind for now…that would interest you. Hahaha. I look forward to conversing with you all down the road.



sold to MG ANGUS
sold to Neil Cook
Pick of 2016 Born Hereford Heifer Calves - maybe one of these
Selected by GWG Herefords



- Recent Success -

Agribition National Hereford Show 2016 -> Class winner with TCF 305A Stacked 609D (purchased from The Cliffs Farm before Agribition)

Agribition Bull Pen Alley Show 2016 -> Class winner with SHL 340D, 347D, and 361D (all sons of SCC BANDO 45A)

Turtleford Summer Cattle Show 2016 -> Cham Mature British Cow/Bull Calf Pair - LADY ANN 80X (by Bismarck) with BANDO 347D (by SCC Bando 45A) & Res. Champ - LADY ANN 79Y (by Tiger) with IMPACT 367D (by Merrit Big Dawg)



In Loving Memory of Tony Myer (1938-2013)



~ Our Champion Brit Mature Pair from Turtleford Summer Cattle Show 2016 ~
Standard Hill Lady Ann 80X
Standard Hill Bando 347D
Bismarck x Bennett Total
by SCC Bando 45A
~ Our Reserve Champion Brit Mature Pair from Turtleford Summer Cattle Show 2016 ~
Standard Hill Lady Ann 79Y with Standard Hill Impact 367D
(cow) Tiger x Copenhagen (calf) by Merit Big Dawg 3049A

- Past Accomplishments -

2016 NW SK Hereford Field Day -> Champion People's Choice Pens of 3 Heifer Calves (38D,187D by Cannon and 48D by Pat) and Bred Heifers (3C by Dominator, 22C by Harlan, 11C by You Tube)

2015 Red Coat Classic (Agribition) - Standard-Hill Viginia 3C, $10,000 prize winner, selected by Dany Dodsworth of Lloydminster, SK

Turtleford Ag Society Summer Show 2015 -> Champion Mature British Cow with Bull Calf Pair - STANDARD HILL BLACKBIRD 54T with STANDARD HILL BENGAL 308C

2015 NW SK Hereford Field Day -> Champion People's Choice Yearling Bull with Standard-Hill Harlan 82B

2015 Camrose Bull Congress - Class winning/February born division Pen of Three Bulls with Black Angus Bulls: Settler 339B, Settler 490B, and Legacy 491B - Second in coming two year-old bull class with Standard-Hill 70Y Assassin 84A

2014 Red Coat Classic - pick of the show by Adam Bugg of Paynton, SK - selected Standard-Hill Diehard 70B as $10,000 prize winner

2014 Stockade Round-Up - Champion Junior Female with SHPH 62T Playmate 167A

Turtleford Ag Society Summer Show 2014 -> Champion Mature British Cow with Bull Calf Pair - STANDARD HILL BLACKBIRD 16S with STANDARD HILL LEGACY 491B

2014 NW SK Hereford Field Day -> Res Senior Bull Calf - DIEHARD 70B - son of SHPH 7S DIEHARD 136Y - and maternal sibling to SHPH 7S DOMINATOR 70Y - Res People's Choice Yearling Bull - STANDARD-HILL 66W AMBUSH 31A - son of SHPH 274S BARON 66W

2014 Gmac Steer and Heifer Show - 3rd in heifer class with STANDARD HILL BEBE 491A - now owned by Bruce Reimer, 3rd in steer class with 127A - son of SHPH 274S Baron 66W

Canadian Western Agribition 2013 - first in heifer calf class with Standard Hill Queen 304A

Lloydminster Stockade Round-Up 2013 - Open Show - January Bull Calf Split Class Winner with Standard Hill Emporer 484A - March Heifer Calf Class Winner with Standard Hill Queen 304A

Turtleford Ag Society Show 2013- Champion Mature British Breeds Cow with Bull Calf Pair -> SHPH 7S KARISTA 28W with SHPH 7Y PIVOT 40A - son of FCC 2U HARLAN 7Y

2013 NW SK Hereford Field Day -> Res Sen. Champ Bull Calf - FLURRY 38A - FCC 2U HARLAN 7Y son - Jr. Champ Bull Calf - ASSASIN 84A - SHPH 7S DOMINATOR 70Y son

2012 Stockade Round-Up Res Champ P. Hereford Female -> SHPH 62T IRIS 16W

2012 Stampede Steer Show 3rd in Hereford class - 18Y - SHPH 2N BEEFMAN 28U son

2011 Hardisty Hereford Field Day- Res Int Champ Bull Calf - SHPH 102W BLAZER 28Y

2011 NW SK Hereford Field Day - Res Senior Champ Bull Calf - SHPH 7S DIEHARD 136Y

2010 Stockade Round-Up Champion P. Hereford Bull -> SHPH 274S BARON 66W



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